The best cookbook is the one curated by you. Reciplay makes that happen by saving and organizing all of the great recipes that you find on the web. All the recipes you love are at your fingertips with Reciplay.




Save Any Recipe You Find on the Web with Reciplay

Reciplay grabs key recipe information like ingredients, directions, servings, cook time, prep time, and images from the web page and saves all of that to your account.

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Easily View Key Recipe Details with Reciplay

View your saved recipes any time in an easy-to-read format that is perfect for busy kitchen work. Check off ingredients as you use them, adjust the font size for readability, and edit the recipe to make it your own.

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Never Lose a Recipe Again with Reciplay

You can search for recipes by name, ingredient, and direction. Reciplay will also automatically suggest folders for new recipes so it's easy to keep things organized.

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Plan Your Meals with Reciplay

Keep track of your schedule by organizing your recipes into a meal plan. Reciplay automatically shows you what the next recipe in your queue is whenever you open the app.

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Make a Shopping List with Reciplay

Once you have a meal plan created, build a shopping list for those recipes. Reciplay automatically combines and sorts similar ingredients from your recipes to build one simple list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Reciplay read recipes from websites?
Most recipe blogs post special content on their pages called "structured data." Reciplay looks at that structured data for recipe information and saves it to the app.
Can I edit recipes in Reciplay?
Yes! Once you save a recipe to Reciplay, you may edit any of the recipe's details.
Does Reciplay keep my recipes even if the website takes them down?
Yes! Because Reciplay copies the recipe information from blogs, it is safe and sound in the app - even if the site that origianlly posted the blog removes the content.
Can I add my own items to the shopping list?
Yes! You add, remove, edit, reorder items in the shopping list.
I'm experiencing an issue using Reciplay. What should I do?
First of all, thank you for using Reciplay! For support, please open a ticket using this form.
I run a recipe blog. How do I check if my site is compatible with Reciplay?
To make sure you're publishing the right data for Reciplay to understand, check our our Webmaster's guide.